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I'm a vegetarian, Nerdfighter, novice cosplayer, geology student, feminist, and hopefully a Ravenclaw when Pottermore registration opens again.



Heard my name and started running

Everytime I read “Javert” I scream it out loud

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When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

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Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliott Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

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Joan of Arc, Charles-Amable Lenoir


Joan of Arc, Charles-Amable Lenoir

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Dallas Stars: *arrive two periods late holding Starbucks*

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tyler and jamie after tyler makes it a one goal game vs anaheim (◕‿◕✿)

tyler and jamie after tyler makes it a one goal game vs anaheim (◕‿◕✿)

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

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#Viktor was obviously deeply in love with her #just remember the fact that he took her to prom #even knowing that he could’ve choose any other girl #remember how he forgot about everyone and danced with her all night #remember how he looked at her while saying ‘write to me, please’ #remember how, a few years later #on Fleur’s wedding #he danced with her one more time #probably being conscient that her heart already belonged to Ron #this is why I love Viktor Krum so much #he just enjoyed being with Hermione #and didn’t care about the future #mostly, because she wasn’t going to be a part of his. (piertotum-locomottor)


He was chosen to be in the tournament for a reason.

Viktor, I love you! Viktor, I do!

When we’re apart my heart beats only for you!

Not to mention that his first language was almost assuredly not English, and yet he tried so hard to understand and talk to Hermione AND write to her in it afterwards. The fandom always lables him as stupid, but wtf, he’s not exactly in his element.

Viktor was chosen to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. I rather suspect he was one of the best his school had to offer.

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http://fandomshatewomen.tumblr.com/post/82888181726/verygibbous-what-if-lucy-was-about-lucy-liu →


what if “lucy” was about lucy liu casually beating up pervy white dudes instead

and the story was about an asian woman who gets justice from the white men who used and abducted her

and it was an effective commentary on white imperialism, the violent commodification of asian…

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